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Proven Solutions for Diverse Projects and Challenges

High Desert Residence

Location: Albuquerque, NM
Scale: 5 kW
Installer: Affordable Solar
Completed: January 2014

The geometry of the home provided a unique challenge to Affordable Solar. The roof had several parapets which required Affordable to break up arrays into smaller arrays. Unirac’s RM flat roof ballasted solution allowed the flexibility to maximize power density on several areas of the roof, while satisfying the ultimate goal: offsetting 100% of the family’s energy needs.

West Residence

Location: San Diego, California
Scale: 5.8 kW
Installer: San Diego Solar Install
Completed: September 2010

Homeowners in Point Loma requested an array that not only looked good, but was also expandable in the future. San Diego Solar Install used SolarMount-I, maximizing aesthetics and creating a seamless façade with the homeowner’s Spanish tile roof. SolarMount-I easily interfaced with Enphase Energy invertors to allow for future expansion.