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How do I know which Solution to choose?

Use our Solutions Selector to help you find the appropriate mounting solution for your project.
Trust Unirac to deliver a range of mounting solutions for any situation that you may encounter.

Light. Compact. Simplicity Redefined

When passion runs this deep, the only choice is to follow where it leads.

The Unirac RM introduces the Power of Simplicity to the ballasted flat roof solar industry, an intuitive design inspired by installers nationwide.

For technical questions about the new Unirac Roof Mount (RM) contact our dedicated product toll-free hotline between 8am – 5pm (MDT) 1-855-387-8450.

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The World's most Versatile PV Mounting System.

Save time and money with SOLARMOUNT, the world’s most versatile PV mounting system.

Low and clean lines give SunFrame two advantages. The finished array stands off the roof just enough for cooling airflow to optimize module performance while all modules sit in low, gap-free rows without protrusions from the sides of the array.

U-LA™Megawatts of Experience.

Unirac Large Arrays start at 3 kilowatts, but their size is limited only by the size of your ground site or the structural strength of your flat roof.