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Key Benefits

Value, aesthetics, flexibility and exceptional customer support.


Inventive design, superb craftsmanship, simple to assemble, & amazingly flexible.


The finest materials and superior customer service.

Assemble, Don’t Build

The expediency of prefabricated sub assemblies means no field cutting, drilling, or welding is required.

Unmatched Flexibility

Accommodates the vast majority of PV modules and is easily installed in any foundation type.

Precision Tracking

GPS and tilt sensors ensure a precision and unparalleled tracking system.

Wind Tunnel Tested

The U-LA is validated through rigorous, innovative wind tunnel testing.

Easy Installation

Design software to ensure minimum attachments without
overstressing any roof member. Ready with design documentation
and testing reports. Lightweight components ship economically
and combine easily with installer-supplied Schedule 40 or
80 steel pipe, available everywhere.

SolarMount Standard or HD Rails

Modules are supported on top of rails giving ultimate flexibility to use top or bottom mounting hardware.

Rail Mounting Brackets

Secure SolarMount Rails to installer-supplied Schedule 40 or 80 steel pipe.

Front and Rear Leg Cap

Attaches front and rear horizontal pipe to vertical pipes and anchors upper end of north-south braces.


Attaches lower end of north-south cross braces to rear legs.


Quality materials, superb craftsmanship and truly innovative design, and coupled with comprehensive and in-depth online support resources. Put any concerns to rest, we have you covered.

Tested, Then Tested Again

Each and every U-LA system we sell has been through a rigorous quality control process, ensuring your system works from day 1.

A Commitment to Quality

Our commitment to quality processes adds value to each project by helping reduce waste, while accelerating planning, delivery, and installation. Our Lean-Sigma operations are at the forefront of the solar industry and we are the first solar infrastructure provider to have earned the coveted ISO 9001:2008 certification.

A Large Team of Multi-Disciplinary Engineers & Dedicated Project Managers At Your Service

Comprehensive install documentation, and online training and support video tutorials (available on your mobile device), are always at the ready to ensure your U-LA installation is a worry-free project.