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Unirac Digital Advantage is proud to present the new Unirac Toolbelt!

The Unirac Toolbelt is available on the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Android platforms. It's a full suite of applications that any installer or distributor will find useful.

Features in the Unirac Toolbelt include:

• The True South Compass, which enables you to determine how close to true south an array is pointed.
• The U-clinometer+ (U-clinometer 2.0), which enables you to determine the pitch and angle of any surface. You can also zero out multiple measurements to eliminate the angle of the roof vs. the angle of the array.
• The QR Code Reader, which allows you to scan any QR Code and send or save the results.
• The Theodolite, an augmented reality application which uses your device's camera to determine a roof angle, height, altitude, latitude, longitude, and azimuth…all from ground level, without having to get on the roof!
One-click access to Unirac.com, Unirac Technical Support, and the Unirac Configurators.

This incredible suite of applications is available from the Apple AppStore and the Google Play Marketplace for free! You can download your copy of the app by visiting the appropriate link below from your mobile device:

http://itunes.apple.com/app/unirac-toolbelt/id543739060?mt=8 for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad
https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.unirac.unirac for Android devices



U-Clinometer 2.0
Free Download

The U-Clinometer 2.0 is an inclinometer tool specifically developed for the PV racking industry. Two digital readouts allow you to easily determine angle, when your device is placed on edge, or pitch, when your device is laid flat.

Unirac QR-Code Reader
Free Download

The Unirac QR-Code Reader gives you instant access to selected content from Unirac.com. Simply point your device's camera at a QR Code appearing on a Unirac ad or trade show display. The appropriate content will immediately download to your device, with no typing, clicking, or complicated web address entry!


These smartphone apps are brought to you by Unirac, Inc., the industry leader in PV mounting solutions for residential, commercial, and utility projects. It's part of the Unirac Digital Advantage, bringing you the tools you need - anywhere you need them and anytime you need them!


For application support, please contact AppSupport@unirac.com.